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You can tell a lot about a person by the used truck they drive. Truck buyers today are demanding both rough and tumble power and still comfortable enough to drive every day. Used trucks that fill this tall order may be few and far between. But, when it's time to purchase a used truck more consumers are taking a hard look at the bottom line.

More truck buyers are opting for used trucks that offer the ride, comfort and amenities of upscale vehicles, while delivering the same rugged durability and performance those trucks traditionally provide.

If you're in the market for a used truck, and don't mind doing a little research to make sure your pick is a good one, consider these steps:

Do an online search for the reliability of the model that interests you

If a used truck has a lousy reputation for dependability and/or recalls, there will be a wealth of information on forums and message boards from people with experience with that particular model to inform your decision.

Buy a CARFAX report

This costs around $25, but may save you a ton of money in the long run. The VIN is generally stamped on a metal plate located along the bottom of the windshield. Write this number down and submit it to see if this used truck has been in any accidents, recalls, etc.

Take it to a trusted mechanic

Make your purchase contingent upon the results of an inspection of the used truck by a mechanic that has no ties to the dealership. If the dealer balks at this provision, take your business elsewhere.

Look for a used truck that is still under the manufacturer's warranty

Most late model, low mileage used trucks will still be under the standard manufacturer’s 36 Month/36,000 mile warranty, with the engine and transmission often under warranty for much longer. Double-check to make sure that the used truck’s warranty can be transferred to you.

Ask for the truck's maintenance record

This step is key because if the used truck has been cared for with timely maintenance (oil changes, scheduled check-ups, etc.), most of that documentation should be easily located. If this cannot be found, take the used truck to be inspected by an off-site mechanic whom you trust.

Look for a used truck that has a Certified, Pre-Owned sticker

Used trucks with CPO stickers have been rigorously tested and have had any needed maintenance taken care of before they appear on the lot.

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