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About Our Company

So why did we create Used Cars It's simple actually. We couldn't get enough information into the newspaper ad but still felt we could sell better if people could only see our car. We couldn't afford a larger ad that uses photos, so we turned to the Internet. We placed a website address in the newspaper and had so many hits on that page. We received tons of calls from it too.

Luckily enough I happen to be a web designer and can utilize my abilities at little cost. I created a couple of pages for friends cars and had similar results. It was amazing! I'm not sure why no one has done this before, but it works great!.

I'm personally too busy to take on all of the challenges that come with an additional business so I turned things over to my marketing director to manage. If your ad is in the paper and she calls you, I suggest you take advantage of this service. We structured the price so low that it can't possibly hurt to give it a try.

Lisa Marie Personett
Marketing Director